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Where are prices headed? Will the HVAC equipment I need be available when I need it? How to reduce the fall out?

With so many of us focusing on home improvement projects since the start of the pandemic, HVAC systems have been a popular item to upgrade! This increase in demand for heating and cooling equipment is a contributing factor in creating a shortage of equipment across the HVAC industry, causing several price increases from manufactures and

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Welcome to Happy Home Services’s New Website!

We have a new look! Happy Home Services has a great new website for all of our heating and cooling products and services. Browse the new website and give us a call once you’re ready to get your next home heating or cooling project started!

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Air Filtration Systems: Surviving Allergy Season in Durham

The allergy season in Durham, NC, is usually in spring and summer when tree pollen, bermuda grass, and ragweed pollen start being released into the air. If you have plant and tree allergies, this time of year can make you absolutely miserable. You may even be having trouble getting away from those unwanted allergens inside your

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Electrical Problems That Can Cause Issues for Your AC

You depend on your AC to keep you cool all summer long. It’s just too bad there are so many things that can go wrong! You’re most likely to notice there’s an AC problem when it’s tied to your electrical system. Although dealing with a power problem sounds like it might be beyond your control, there are some easy

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Common A/C Pitfalls in the Summer

The temperatures in North Carolina can soar past triple-digits when summer hits the region, and homeowners throughout the area beat the heat by relying on their home cooling systems. While having a high-performance air conditioner in your home can make summer days much more pleasant, getting the most out of your system requires a

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Choosing an HVAC Company for Your Home

Unlike other areas of the country, living in North Carolina means that we get to enjoy four distinct seasons each year. It also means that our heating and cooling systems are an integral part of any home, office, or building, especially during the chilly winter months and hot, humid summers.  Proper HVAC maintenance in North Carolina will keep your property at a comfortable temperature throughout the year while saving you

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A/C Emergency Repair: When to Call Right Away

Carolina summers are beautiful, but your feelings of Raleigh can easily change if you suddenly find yourself without air conditioning. Without the coastal breeze, the city can get quite sweltering, especially in July and August, so what are you supposed to do if your A/C breaks, and you can’t get an appointment to fix

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Indoor Air Quality Tips That Will Have You Breathing Easy This Fall

Indoor air quality isn’t something most home owners spend a lot of time thinking about, but it’s extremely important to your family’s health. Unfortunately, because it’s something you can’t see, increasing the quality of the air inside your Cary, North Carolina isn’t easy if you don’t know what you’re doing. Happy Home Heating &

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Get Your Furnace Ready For Fall

As the season changes and the weather begins to get colder and colder, preparing for the icy winter months ahead may be on your mind. While it might be easy to pile on more blankets on the beds, and to pull out those bulky sweaters and coats from the back of the closet, preparing your

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Can My Furnace Explode?

Your home’s furnace involves a complex combination of electricity, heating oil or natural gas, steam, water, metal parts, and other important components. The furnace, after all, is certainly not a simple appliance and giving your heating system the proper care and attention it deserves can avoid dangerous issues from arising, such as a harmful or

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