Heating Repair

When your furnace breaks down, the first step is to check the basics. In some cases, it’s an easy fix the average homeowner can do on his or her own. Start by checking to see if the thermostat is working, check the batteries first, then check the power to the furnace and check if the air filter is clogged. If you’re having trouble trying to determine the source of the problem, give us a call. We handle all sorts of furnace repairs, as well as heat pump repairs. From broken thermostats to tripped or blown fuses and dirty furnace filters, our technicians can detect the problem and provide the appropriate solution.

Our technicians have the necessary resources to restore your home to an ideal temperature in no time. At Happy Home Heating and Cooling, we do our best to ensure our customers always have a properly working heating system, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency heating repair services. For reliable furnace and heat pump repair services in North Carolina, contact us today.

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