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Myra Wooten
Myra Wooten 5.0

Adam did a great job with my kitchen sink repair and faucet installation. Quick service and he left everything clean.

Courtney Hudson
Courtney Hudson 5.0

I’ve been very pleased with their new installations and responsive service. Kudos to Ray in particular!

Phillip Buchanan
Phillip Buchanan 1.0

We received Happy Home Services “$59 system tune up” (per system) offer in the mail, called and scheduled a visit for our 2 systems - and explained what we expected - the usual cleaning and filter change we always got for an HVAC semi annual service. ... We were told that was what they would do. When their Tech, “Leighton” arrived in early November, he told us that their $59 “tune up” was only a visual inspection “and we have told the office this creates a lot of confusion… we can sign you up for our $298 / year maintenance agreement..”. He said he would call his manager and hung around our driveway for 15 minutes before I told him to leave. Doubt he was actually calling visit but, while he was in the phone, we called a reputable company and got a $58 HVAC tuneup (twice that since two systems, as expected). Happy Home Services seems to be running a “bait and switch” scam… Read More...

Prophetess Pamela Y. Smith
Prophetess Pamela Y. Smith 5.0

Great services!! Technician Simon Lee was very professional and kind. Thank you Happy Home for continuing to provide us with great services.

Glynder Crosbourne
Glynder Crosbourne 5.0

Happy Home experience a delay in receiving their parts from the manufacturer. This causes me some discomfort due to a sudden change in the weather. The summer fall to freezing sub winter temps. I manage to stay warm using by using two inferred heaters. ... In situations like mine, I suggest that Happy Home use Express Shippinp. I want to Thank your Tech and his Mananger for handling my project immediately after they received the parts. They were Professional, Friendly and Timely in the manner which this project was completed. THANKS! Read More...

Angela Thompson
Angela Thompson 5.0

They did a great job. I’ve had AC and plumbing work done and I’m pleased with both.

Miriam Prather
Miriam Prather 5.0
Kelcie Baye
Kelcie Baye 1.0

I called Happy Home for help repairing our kitchen sink due to a water main break effecting us. They assured me someone would come out the same day, but due to it being non-business hours, I would be charged about $179 (?), I believe that’s the price, ... plus cost of repairs. Totally fine with me. Nathan, the technician calls me around 3pm and tried talking me out of service by stating multiple times all he would come to do was run water and charge me the fee. When I mentioned that we understood that we would need to run the water to get the minerals out of the line but still needed him to come and help us get whatever needed unclogging so we could get running water to the kitchen sink, he stated “Well it’s still going to take me 2 hours to get there.” I told him that was fine. That would have been around 5:15-5:30ish. We hung up. He calls me back about 2 minutes later and says that he is still finishing up at the house where he was already and was waiting for his manager to bring him additional parts. He stated his manager told him to move us to the next day (Sunday). I knew by the first call that it didn’t seem like he was interested in coming out (I get it. It’s Saturday evening), but I wish he would have just said that. I also wish we’d discussed this sooner so I could have moved on to calling the next company earlier that day. Very disappointed with this service and I decided not to take him up on his offer of coming on Sunday. I was able to have it repaired instead today by another company. Read More...

Sonia Guarda
Sonia Guarda 5.0

I was very happy with the work done by Adam. He was prompt, professional, and a very interesting person.

Dennis Hermanson
Dennis Hermanson 5.0

Simon Lee is a fine HVAC Professional Technician, and he both evaluated our HVAC system, and gave me an understanding of how it works, and what is ongoing needed for it's best running condition. We are on a 2-times a year system check. Glad to have the ... Happy Home professionals for our HVAC peace-of-mind. Read More...

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