Electrical Problems That Can Cause Issues for Your AC

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You depend on your AC to keep you cool all summer long. It’s just too bad there are so many things that can go wrong! You’re most likely to notice there’s an AC problem when it’s tied to your electrical system. Although dealing with a power problem sounds like it might be beyond your control, there are some easy fixes you can try before you call in the professionals.

Power Outage Messing with Your AC

It isn’t uncommon for a power outage to mess with your AC. It could be a lightning strike that caused a power surge, but it doesn’t really matter why the power goes out. The simple act of losing power to your home can trip the breaker on your AC.

If your AC isn’t kicking on and you experienced a power outage, make sure you check the breaker. If it’s off, flip it back on.

It’s as Cold as the Arctic

You want to feel cool and comfortable, but in order for that to be the case, your AC has to know when to turn off and on. An AC unit that doesn’t kick on is a huge problem, but it’s also possible for your AC to have the opposite problem.

If your AC doesn’t kick off, there could be a problem with your electronic controls. It may be as simple as re-positioning the thermostat or replacing it altogether.

Unreasonable Utility Bills

It makes sense that your utility bills would be higher during the hottest days of the summer, but if your utility bills are taking a huge hit during the early spring and late fall, it’s a sure sign that your AC unit is having a hard time cooling your space.

In many cases, an AC unit works double time due to dirt and debris. Inspect your unit to make sure it isn’t covered in debris or grime, and make sure you change the filter at least once every few months.

Your AC Turns off its Own Circuit Breaker

It isn’t just a power outage that can flip your breaker. Your AC can do the same thing for seemingly no reason. The first thing to know is not to turn the breaker back on. It’s flipping off to keep your home safe. If you turn it back on, you run the risk of starting a fire

In this case, you’ll definitely have to call in an expert AC maintenance technician , but you should plan to call in a professional at least twice a year even if you aren’t experiencing problems. In the spring or early summer, they can inspect your unit and help prevent all of the problems on this list from happening in the first place. If you need maintenance or repair services, give Happy Home Heating & Cooling a call and we can provide you with affordable services at your convenience.

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