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As the season changes and the weather begins to get colder and colder, preparing for the icy winter months ahead may be on your mind. While it might be easy to pile on more blankets on the beds, and to pull out those bulky sweaters and coats from the back of the closet, preparing your home for the winter season should also be on your to-do list.

For many of us, it’s easy to disregard the simple task of getting your heating system ready for fall. Whether you have oil furnaces or gas furnaces installed, it is important to check the efficiency of your particular unit and to evaluate your equipment for the possibility of a need for furnace repair or outright furnace replacement before the weather gets even colder.

If you haven’t checked your heating systems since the springtime, or if you haven’t provided your furnace with the proper maintenance it needs to function safely and securely, now is the time to do so. In this article, take a look at some of our favorite maintenance tips from our team at Happy Home Heating & Cooling, and learn how to get your furnace ready for the weather changes.

Replacing or Cleaning Your Filter The filters of oil furnaces, gas furnaces, or any other types of heating systems can become blocked with dust and other debris over the span of months. So what does this mean? Clogged filters will force your furnace to work harder than normal, and your home won’t be as warm. You’ll also overspend in energy costs, as well.

To prevent your filters from becoming dirty or clogged, it is recommended to have them cleaned every four to six weeks in order to prolong its life and maintain the efficiency of the furnace.

Clearing Your Vents Are your wall or floor vents being blocked by heavy drapes or furniture? It is important to ensure that your vents are cleared so airflow won’t be affected. Aside from rearranging your furniture and removing other blockages, you should also check for pet fur or hair that can obstruct your vents.

Checking Your Thermostat When your thermostat is too old, it can provide inaccurate temperature and fail to keep your heating systems working efficiently. Do some testing to ensure that it works well and consider installing a programmable thermostat.

Scheduling A Yearly Furnace Service This is the best time to have your furnace inspected by a professional to ensure that it is in good working condition for the upcoming cold months. Routine furnace service may also cover furnace repair and new furnace installation .

Upgrade Your Furnace for Greater Efficiency (and Other Benefits) Keeping your furnace well-maintained can help to keep your home more comfortable, and to avoid high energy bills, and prevent breakdowns or dangerous malfunctions. That’s why it’s worth it to take the time to learn how to get your furnace ready for the fall and winter months.

If your furnace is over a decade old, however, maintenance can only improve its efficiency to a limited degree. In general, the efficiency rating for units over ten years old is likely to be close to just 50% of the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). With the help of Happy Home, you can get furnace replacement with 97% AFUE, which means increasing your furnace’s efficiency rating for better comfort and a decreased energy cost.

Through our personalized services and top quality products such as oil furnaces and gas furnaces, you can be sure that your Cary, North Carolina home is ready for fall. With our decades of experience in the industry and the customer-centric services we provide, we pride ourselves as the most trusted furnace experts of the Cary, North Carolina community.

For more information on keeping your furnace well-maintained in time for the fall and winter months, give us a call now to speak to an agent. You can also fill out our online form to receive a free, in-home, no-obligation pricing estimate.

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