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Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Up Company Near Durham, NC

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Happy Home Services Promises to Perform the Correct Furnace Service at a Trustworthy Price

When you and your home are in need of Furnace Maintenance, you can trust the experts at Happy Home Services. Our certified, trained and insured technicians have the skills, knowledge, and tools to service all of your Furnace needs.

When your Happy Home Services Furnace professional arrives at your home, they will take the time to explain all of your options before starting any services so you can feel confident to make informed decisions before any work begins. We are always ready to take your call at (919) 726-9430 or Contact Us at any time including for after hour or emergency services. Want to learn more, check out our Customer Reviews & Testimonials .

We have experience providing Furnace services on almost all brands of equipment and specialize in servicing older equipment, so you know you will have your Furnace job done right.

At Happy Home Services we provide 5-star service.

Happy Home Services is Here for All of Your Furnace Maintenance Needs!

  • Upfront pricing - you'll never pay more than you're quoted
  • Expert advice from professional, licensed & certified technicians
  • We'll only sell you what you need
  • We stock enough parts in our trucks to do 93% of repairs on the spot
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  • Still have questions? Contact us for all your Furnace Maintenance questions!
Happy Home Services is Proudly & Professionally Offering Furnace Services in the Durham, North Carolina area.
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Professional Furnace Maintenance Near the Durham, NC Area

Why Furnace Maintenance is Important For Your Durham, NC Home

No homeowner wants to be left out in the cold when their furnace fails. That’s why regularly maintaining your furnace is so important. If you go without regular maintenance for your furnace, you are far more likely to be left out in the cold. Additional reasons why furnace maintenance is so important include:

  • Avoid Costly Repair or Replacement Costs. Furnaces’ and their components can be costly to repair or replace. Annual furnace maintenance can help any homeowner avoid costly repairs or replacements by addressing issues before they become catastrophic for your furnace’s functionality.
  • Decrease Energy Bill & Increase Efficiency. Routine furnace maintenance can also increase the efficiency of your home’s heating, allowing your HVAC system to operate at optimal efficiency. This will in turn decrease your monthly energy bill.
  • Lessen Chances of Failure. A furnace failure at the wrong time of year can be extremely dangerous for you, your family, and anyone else in your home. In order to lessen the chances of failure and keep your family safe, you should be sure to have your Durham, NC home’s furnace inspectected and have maintenance performed annually
  • Maintain Warranty. Upon purchase of your home’s furnace, some companies may require you to have regular maintenance and service done in order for the warranty to not be voided. Therefore, in addition to being good practice, having regular maintenance performed on your furnace can also uphold its warranty.
  • Prolong Lifespan of Unit. Like any substantial investment you make, as a homeowner you want to ensure that your investment in your furnace lasts as long as possible. By having your furnace serviced annually, you are making sure you get the most usage possible out of that investment.
Regardless of your home furnace’s issue at hand, Happy Home Services expert technicians will determine your needs before any work is done, so you can make the best decision possible for your family and your Durham, NC home.

Happy Home Services Tune-Up

Get the Trusted, Premier Furnace Service Experts You Deserve Near you In Durham, NC

Happy Home Services offers a full line of installation, maintenance, and repair that your home’s furnace may require, no matter the problem or time of year. You can count on our trusted professionals for their exceptional service and quality craftsmanship. Happy Home Services is proudly and professionally serving the greater Durham, NC area.

Call Happy Home Services Today! We’d Be Happy to Answer Your Questions About Our Furnace Maintenance and Tune-Up Services

Is your home’s furnace experiencing issues? Happy Home Services is the trusted name in Durham, NC furnace maintenance and tune-up services near you. Schedule your furnace tune-up cost elimination service today and ensure your furnace unit is running smoothly all winter long!

What is included in furnace maintenance?

During the course of furnace maintenance, a Happy Home Services technician will inspect the furnace and its components, calibrate the thermostat, and ensure that its functions are operating safely. During this time, any repairs that need to be done can be spotted by a Happy Home Services technician before they become a larger problem. Call (919) 726-9430 today to schedule a time to have your home furnace serviced.

How often should the furnace be serviced?

As a rule of thumb, you should have maintenance performed on your home’s furnace once every year. If your furnace is approaching ten or fifteen years in operation, it may be a good idea to have it serviced more frequently to keep those in your home safe.

Do you really need to service your furnace every year?

Yes, any homeowner should have their furnace serviced every year. Without regular maintenance, your furnace is at risk to have issues go unnoticed until they stop your furnace from working. Regular maintenance will also help you protect the investment you made in your furnace, helping it last as long as possible before you have to pay for a costly replacement.

What is included in furnace maintenance services?

Professional furnace maintenance services usually include an inspection and tune-up of the system. During the inspection, the technician will check all of the components of the system to make sure they are functioning properly and that there are no potential problems. The technician may also clean various parts of the system and replace any worn-out or damaged parts. Lastly, they may adjust settings on the furnace to ensure optimal performance.

Why should I get furnace maintenance services?

Professional furnace maintenance services are important for ensuring that your system is running safely and efficiently. By getting regular maintenance services, you can make sure that your furnace is working properly and not putting unnecessary strain on your utility bills or creating a safety hazard in your home. Additionally, it can help extend the life of your furnace and ensure that it continues to run smoothly for many years to come.

What can I do to maintain my furnace between inspections?

Regularly changing the filter, checking for potential air leaks around windows and doors, ensuring the area surrounding your furnace is clear from any clutter that could potentially be a fire hazard, and keeping an eye on the thermostat settings are all important steps you should take in order to ensure proper maintenance of your furnace.

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With fast, courteous, expertly-trained HVAC technicians and upfront pricing, you can trust Happy Home Services guarantees customer satisfaction on all home furnace maintenance and tune-up services in the Durham, NC area near you.

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